Albion Online collect resources

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I have submitted the feedback elsewhere, but I will also say it here just to make sure it's in multiple spots. I believe this nerf was a mistake. While I have always said that crafting laborers needed a bit of a nerf due to them bringing back refined resources, I have also said gathering ones needed a bit of a buff.

The exception being the highest tiers (7 and eight) with the newest changes to resources I did recommend nerfing a bit. Just so you wouldn't be getting enough materials to then fill more journals through what you received from the laborer and that is  Albion Online Items.

This seems much to heavy handed for T2/T3 for gatherers, and too heavy handed for T2 crafters (T3 crafters I'm actually okay with). I realize the overall point is to make people travel to royal islands for T2, however without some sort of adjustments to travel to cut down on the time (faster mount speed, more harbors, T2 around harbors in royal instead of just starting areas) I think it's a mistake.

I l

Albion Online: Imagine fighting over control of resources

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Fast travel w/ gear should cost as much as what you're taking with you and possibly more.Mount speed change sounds like a shitty solution to a larger problem.

Weight being reduced would be okay I think, probably will need some tweaks but over time it'll hopefully elongate the amount of time players spend gathering at once, increasing the risks of doing so, goes back to #2 in that if everything was a bit less spread out it'd be riskier and travel wouldn't feel like a chore.

Persistent mounts would be cool, but imagine dismounting an ox and waiting near a crossroad for pvp and then hopping back on it when you reach 1/3rd health and the rest of your team keeps fighting, there better be a cast time to get back onto that mount. Same with finding a gatherer and them just hopping onto a t5 horse and peacing out. It also feels like it'd be out of place in this game to buy Cheap Albion Online Silver but I wouldn't know without seeing it.

I like both of those solutions, as long as there are o

Albion Online: It is also a massive advantage for resolution cheaters

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The Map ruined it for me. No choke points, mindless sprawls of open terrain with a few dangerous cliffs around roads just makes for a boring hide and seek gameplay. Shit even if you find enemies they have so many options to run away now due to the map literally being a giant field its impossible to effectively follow someone who gets off screen faster than you can keep up.

Gathering scarcity is interesting and I like the idea, but right now it is preventing so much gameplay. More incentives to do actual stuff other than solo roam empty zones is needed. Before I forget: There are way too many Albion Online Silver. Link them up or remove them. Add more gateway dungeons, and open world Blues. Remove all the shitty ones.

Well for me it is a good think that ganking is harder, I personally don't like the greffing shit that is no pvp because on person is prepared for pvp and the second person is overloaded and just like to albion online silver farming. PvP is GvG or Hellgate or a duel where

Albion Online: I think creating a fair and enjoyable reputation

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I like a lot of your ideas here, in particular the price trackers and right click options.

In response to the Crime part you have here I made a detailed post way back in alpha (actually similar to what they have implemented in some ways) which you can read here and maybe use some of those albion online gold shop to flesh out your idea here. (the part about reputation and crime is down toward the bottom of the post under the subtitle Changes to the PvP system for "Criminals")

1 .to your right click, as its already working as a quick equip and a move only function on the playfield, i would suggest to add a contect menu or as comon in tablet games this action cycle when holding left for a while instead of just clicking. That wouldn't break any current controls, just add the functionality that you want.

2. a simple price tracking without any limitations would just make the whole market way to transparent and in no time, all price everywhere would be the same. U would take away that feel

This is excellent feedback in Albion

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The open world and dungeons have some great attractions (chests, hellgates, etc) that create PvP and are fun to participate in, but we need MORE. Adding loot drops, especially in the form of foals/seeds would be great.

Getting horses like you get direwolves might make gathering slightly more interesting.

The seeds...yeah, it sounds good, it was interesting in albion online for sale, but in its current form it is something the casual crowd can easily do. There is so little for casuals and gatherers in this game.

Spot on as far as the gvg system goes. Better it was 20v20, or better yet, have guild territories protected by repairable walls insteas of invisible barriers. Be able to hire guards and seige the walls. We have a pvp game without pvp. If gvg is the main feature of this game, its a terrible selling point.

It also should be a fatigue system, not to the character itself but to the complete guild.

So that way if a guild do an offensive GvG for instance, ALL the guild members sh

Thanks for that Albion's detail description

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Oh, I know what setup is though thanks for that detail description. I ment what is the setup for a pike or claymore on these builds? Theirs only purpose is to run and catch, while other similar builds can catch up and destroy the guy with multiple builds like that. I have seen that I think every time I'm in a pvp situation. That is not a setup but a wide trap that is almost impossible to escape unless you got similar mobility. Which is achieved, surprise surprise, by having meditation. 


"Rock. Paper. Scissors." you say.


Meditation counters the block, right? What counters meditation? I think there are ways if well coordinated team is with albion online silver farming, but I wonder what do you think that counters meditate? Btw its fine if you can't counter it 1v1 since this ain't 1v1 balanced game. But as it has open world it needs to be somewhat balanced in both 5v5 for GvGs and in open world as well.P.S. I think the biggest problem with meditation is how greatly it enhances mob

Albion Online: It depends how the abundance is handled

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Ah ok I see what you mean by minigames.

OK personally, in my experience, I both like and hate them. I've kind of answered you in reverse order here).What I don't like about it, is that often (at least in other games) it puts up another interface that distracts you from the main game interface. In pvp areas...this is always a bad idea (hence what I hate about it).I do like it, in that it provides something a bit more interesting than just travelling, clicking on a node 4 times, mounting again and moving on (that gets tedious very quickly).

Again to drone on about EVE but they implemented something similar in eve for a skill called hacking. It opens up a minigame and you have to try to navigate your way through to get to the mainframe while using bonus Albion Online Items you find in that "map" (not really a map but a graphic maze if you like) also while avoiding the traps of the ICE (intruder counter-measure electronics.) Yes its both bad and good because its on a timer, and so yo

Albion Online: Run to a different green city

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I am on your side Matrix. This guy, seriously? Seriously! I really don't appreciate some ideas he had said. Especially I saw him posting the thread crying for FAST TRAVEL. That's really unacceptable. What a ruining idea to crash the local market. I don't understand why these people want FAST TRAVEL and crying for reducing the size of the albion online silver farming. I even want Albion world more wider form now so every guild could have a chance to play sandbox and making more local political powers. Come on, guys, this is not a regular MMORPG you've played as WOW, this is a sandbox game. You need a big and wide map which letting players establish the local power and market. That's the thing make Albion a great game!


Can someone explain to me the reasoning behind adding regular fast-travel into the game?


As of right now, it's not hard to run to a different green city. It's probably 5 maps or so away. But adding fast travel will not only ruin the local economy, but it will dull

I don't care for this boxes in Blade And Soul

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They are shit,but I'm waiting the next with gems and leg weapon.


Did someone will buy this boxes or just RMT from spammers,well whats the difference? In the end of the day s/he will have what he want.I want RNG boxes with gems,and if there is any rng boxes with them price will drop.Nowdays people sell attack 5 yellow gem for 500g.In taiwan usual price was 800-1k but with rng boxes down to 300.


It's good for both parties - lazy people keep on par with ther CC and normal players buy things cheaper.Win-Win situation.


I still prefer those people like on the screen to spend ther money into the company then 3rd parties.In first option publisher is cheap Blade And Soul Gold, so do the shareholders etc and in the second publisher and shareholders are not happy and bring silly things that China have,player in both cases get what he wanted.


So far I dropped 1k in the shop and keep like 90% of the coins for better deals,however I`ll never support gold sellers.Yes they sell cheaper

Blade And Soul U3 Platform

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The reason behind why most games built with the U3 platform doesn't use more than 2 cores (or 3) is not because the engine itself is incapable of doing so. It's even hardly relevant because core assignment is the sole area of the OS's scheduler. You could "force" some threads on your game to only use certain cores by invoking certain functions like SetThreadAffinityMask() in Unreal engine, but this is mostly used the other way around (forcing threads to Buy Blade And Soul Gold), and this function has been there since the old days of Unreal engine.


Most modern games aren't even using U3 anymore since U4 were released a while ago. And some even switched to Unity or their own custom engine. Developers in the old age of U3 assumes that most of their users would be people running with dual core processors, hence the number of threads are limited within that constraint.


There are some games that's patched to make use of 4 and even more logical cores that's built on U3. Most notably i