PvP vs PvE in Blade & Soul

posted on Jan 14, 2016| tags: Blade & Soul

They've stated that we'll be put on 3.0 for skill balancing. If you can find me some source of information stating we'll be on 3.0 in terms of PVE content and that things like Mushin Tower are going to be in for launch I'd appreciate it. However 3.0 isn't even the most recent patch.


Also comparing it to Archeage which is a Sandbox MMORPG is ridiculous. You're not going to be doing trade runs and building your house or a boat or growing crops in this game to make up for being disinterested in PVP. You're going to be doing dungeons, raids and title/outfit hunting. That is the content that you will be stuck doing for a significant period of time because it's what there is to do. The content I listed was from another region and if you can otherwise prove all of that will be in the game then so be it.


Fact of the matter is that in this game if you hate PVP you're going to have a more tedious time unlocking certain traits/skills, and earning materials for weapon upgrades with Cheap Blade And Soul Gold. This has been said time and time again and it's absolutely ridiculous to dismiss it with "regardless that this game is PvP oriented". It is, and that matters to people who aren't interested at all in PvP.


EDIT: Simply put, there is PvE content for end-game, and as the game grows you'll get even more of that. However cutting yourself off of the PvP is going to remove a large chunk of the game and it's replay value and progression. This is your choice, how you play the game is up to you.

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